About Wendy

I was born and raised in Kailua, Hawaii. As my father climbed the corporate ladder the family eventually ended up in California where I attended UCSB. I graduated with a degree in International Relations with an emphasis in Mandarin and Chinese studies. After graduation I worked in a variety of sales and marketing jobs in a corporate setting as well as the nonprofit sector, all which required a relationship based skill set.

I spent about 17 years in San Diego where I raised my family and over time settled into promotional product sales. Active listening, creative problem solving and relationship building came naturally and soon I realized I really enjoyed being of service to others more than selling people products. My entire life people have been coming to me to help them work through personal crisis and my gift was finding the key to unlock personal blocks to help them move forward in their lives.

It was during a job transfer for my husband to Houston, Texas, that I decided to become a life coach and Energy Healer. My coaching training is through Life Purpose Institute in San Diego, California. What exactly is life coaching? Have you ever been going through a transition and can’t decide whether to move in one direction or another? Have you ever felt something tapping you on the shoulder to make a change while you ignored it and then the feeling grew stronger and just couldn’t be ignored any longer? We’ve all been through life transitions, life coaching helps you move in a direction that aligns with who you are and create the life you are looking for. I am currently a regular contributor to the Missing Piece Magazine (a magazine created to help people on their life path through the wisdom and experience of a full staff of contributors who are all life coaches), have been featured in the Life Purpose Institute Alumni Spotlight for my coaching, and have been a guest on The Joy Ride show.

I am also fully certified in Marconics Advanced No Touch and Recalibration Healing. Marconics allows for a sacred space to be created where the higher self can integrate into the client. Through this process alignment occurs, a higher vibrational frequency is reached and karmic debris is released. For spiritual seekers, light workers, and those here on earth working towards ascension, or living in service to others, this is a healing modality that will accelerate your life path and bring you into alignment with your higher self. Once in Alignment physical healing can occur, your life path is accelerated and you begin to attract the people and things that are in resonance with your higher vibrational frequency. Through Marconic Recalibration, a process of uncapping the Chakras and removing the Karmic Debris, you are able to release negative past time imprints affecting your current life. Click the Marconics tab, under Services, to learn more.