I’m Wendy Hutchinson. As an Ascension Coach, Writer, Guide and Podcast Host of my show “The Path of Me”, I am here to support you on your Ascension journey. I have always felt a deep calling to be in service to people. As an intuitive, I have guided myself through my own ascension and many layers of healing which served as the foundation of my program. I will provide you with clarity and understanding of higher spiritual concepts and assist with your energetic alignment. This is a collaboration between us as we move forward in creating expansion of consciousness and growth. My goal is to be of service to those seeking higher ascension, especially people who feel they have reached a ceiling in their evolution. I will provide sacred space for you to process emotion and feelings without judgment. Wherever you are on your journey I honor you.

I am a Public Speaker and currently publishing my first book. I have also spent many years as an Energy Healer. Through my energy work I was honored to assist many with their ascension by working with the light body. I have stepped back from Energy Healing recently to focus now on helping you reach your highest potential through coaching. I offer a complimentary 30-min discovery session.

Ascension Coaching assists with the process of raising your vibration, shedding, and releasing old karmic patterns and thoughts and behaviors sabotaging your progress. LEARN MORE…
My YouTube Channel was my first passion project. I took an inventory of all these amazing people in my life and decided to start interviewing them. Every story is a glimpse into the behind the scenes experience of these amazing individuals. Most have overcome incredible adversity. Enjoy my video interviews of my show on YouTube here.
I started a podcast recently to reach a wider audience. My intent was to inspire others to find their own passion and courage to walk their own path. We are all far stronger than we realize. Sit back and enjoy my podcasts here.
I love offering free uplifting content.

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