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Ascension Coaching

For the first time in human history we can ascend not only with our human bodies intact, but also with our consciousness and memories intact.  This has never been achieved before.  This incites fear in some who will cling harder to paradigms and beliefs that no longer resonate, or create a desire to learn more about ascension and go higher creating a beautiful human experience to match the energetic vibration you hold as you traverse into the higher harmonics.

Many of us are awakening to remembering that we are not the masks we wear in everyday life to make others feel comfortable.  We are here for a reason, to contribute our energy and experience to that of the collective (whether it is high vibrational or low).    We are feeling energetically pulled by our hearts towards truth about who we are and why we are here, but do not know how transition out of repeating patterns to rise higher.   

Ascension Coaching assists with the process of raising your vibration, shedding, and releasing old karmic patterns and thoughts and behaviors sabotaging your progress.  In one on one sessions I hold sacred space to discuss physical ascension symptoms and help you to make sense of things that make you feel like you are going crazy.   If you know there is something beyond the ceiling of religion, beyond this tangible 3D reality, and are at a plateau in your spiritual evolution, let’s connect and see how you can traverse to the next level with grace and ease.